Ronda Pound 4 Pound Contender

ronda rousey 2 ronda rousey

With Ronda Rousey’s successful title defense still fresh in our memories, she is now stronger and more well-rounded than we have ever seen her. Rousey’s complete demolition of her division is undeniable and her Saturday night win has placed her firmly as the number nine pound for pound fighter in the world, but just how accurate is this?

Here we take a look at how the UFC women’s bantamweight champion matches up against the top ranked fighters on the planet. Continue reading

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A Talk with The Mauler


I recently caught up with UFC Light Heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson at his BadBoy seminar in Newcastle, UK, and we talked about everything from Jon Jones, to possibly training in England. Check out the full interview below.
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Talent Rich TUFs

 tuf tj

The Ultimate Fighter has been a major source of UFC talent since its start in 2005 and with the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter coming to a close in upcoming weeks, it seems an appropriate time to look back at former TUF shows and some of the best talent the seasons have produced. Continue reading

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Ares the Champion

rory mac

With a simply dominant performance Saturday night at UFC 174 Rory MacDonald is now closer than ever to a UFC title shot. With many fans calling for this matchup, which could sell out most arenas on the planet, let’s take a look at what having Rory ‘Ares’ Macdonald as a UFC champion may be like. Continue reading

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The Great MMA Robbery

Sanchez Pearson Decision

Sanchez Pearson Decision

Diego Sanchez is one of the most exciting fighters on the history of the UFC. Holding a career full of accolades that could rival pretty much anyone in MMA, Sanchez has been a household name since entering the UFC in 2005, but his legacy has been tarnished in recent years because of one thing, controversial decisions. Continue reading

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conor tattoo

Everyone appreciates a good piece of art, and what better way to appreciate it than with a tattoo, and it seems no professional athletes wear tattoos quite like MMA fighters. With the majority of fighters and fans alike having permanent artwork inked on them let’s celebrate some of the best tattoos inside the octagon.

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Ultimate Fighter Losers become Winners

tuf beal

In the past year or so we MMA fans have been bombarded with The Ultimate Fighter series in a desperate attempt by the UFC to inject some new talent into their divisions, while simultaneously breaking into new countries and territories in the best way they know how.

Much of the media have criticised TUF in recent years, calling it boring and giving us lower levelled talent than we are used to.  The validity of this is very much opinion, but a lot of talented ex TUF cast members are overlooked just because they didn’t win the show. Let’s look at the positive and see some of the best talent to come off recent TUF series that didn’t get crowned TUF champions. Continue reading

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The Brands

mma shop

There has always been the issue of fighter pay in Mixed Martial Arts, with many believing the UFC and other big organisations do not pay their athletes enough. Regardless of what a fighter gets paid for his bout, there is one sure fire way for him or her to make money and that’s through sponsorships.

From tried and tested veterans such as Tapout to one hit wonders like Death Clutch, we’ve seen the whole range of them inside the cage, and here is a list of some of the best in the game.
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Floyd vs Ronda

ronda floyd

One of the big discussions in MMA recently is can Ronda Rousey beat Floyd Mayweather. A who’s who of MMA personalities have weighed in on this subject including champions Jon Jones and Anthony Pettis, as well as UFC President Dana White, more than once.  This debate may sound silly at first but when you delve into it doesn’t seem so farfetched to suggest Rousey may win, so here is my take on the situation, and a list of some other MMA candidates that could get the job done against the number one boxer on the planet. Continue reading

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Weigh-in Wizards

barry kongo

The first thing we all look forward too when thinking of an upcoming fight is a great weigh in. some are funny, some are intense and some just fill you with copious amounts of adrenaline making the wait for the fight even more agonising. Here we pay homage to some of the best weigh in artisits in the business. Continue reading

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