Fight Hindsight

hunt bigfoot

UFC Fight Night Hunt vs. Bigfoot

December 7, 2013

Brisbane, Australia


Clint Hester vs. Dylan Andrews

Round 1 This fight was a good showing by both men throughout, with fantastic stand-up exchanges by both fighters showing crisp targeted boxing.

In the first round Hester was able to get the better of the exchanges using his pro boxing experience to hit Andrews with some beautiful strikes and get away unharmed.

Andrews landed a takedown about halfway through the round and remained on top until the end of the round although he didn’t do much from the top position expect a guillotine choke attempt that didn’t go anywhere.

Round 2 The second round again was a very even affair, with Andrews utilising more kicks this round to counter the superior boxing of Hester.

The men exchanged kicks and punches without either really getting the best of the exchanges. The pace of the round was a lot slower than the first as both men were visibly tired.

Hester muscled a takedown in the first half of the round, landing some great elbows from top position.

Andrews throws an over-hand right that was parried by Hester, in a result dislocating the shoulder of Andrews.

The fight was stopped between the 2nd and 3rd round due to Andrews’ injury. A TKO win for Clint Hester.

Pat Barry vs. Soa Palelei

Round 1 Soa goes for a takedown straight away, but Barry shows improved grappling gameby gaining under-hooks and stopping the attempt

Barry attempts some heavy leg kicks on Soa to try and slow him down but nothing of merit lands.

Soa completes a takedown and works from the half guard of Barry with short shots.

Barry leaves his guard wide open leading to Soa passing to mount and dropping a heavy barrage of punches.

Barry is left unconscious and the fight is stopped in the first round. KO win for Soa Palelei.

Ryan Bader vs. Anthony Perosh

Round 1 Bader seems to get the best of the striking at the start of round one landing heavy punches against Perosh.

Bader drops Perosh with short uppercuts from the clinch but Perosh is able to get back to his feet.

A slip from Perosh takes the fight to the ground with Bader on top raining down strikes. Bader controls Perosh landing strikes until Perosh is able to get back to his feet.

Bader muscles another takedown in the last minute of the round. Bader lands a huge elbow opening a cut on Perosh. Bader rains down elbows until the end of the round.

Round2 Bader gets another takedown early and passes to side control. Bader rains down elbows from this position.

Bader controls from the top position for the entire round raining down a mixture of hard elbows and punches on the tired Perosh.

Round 3 Perosh rushes forward but is hit by the retreating Bader. Perosh attempts a takedown but is sprawled by Bader.

Like the second round Bader controls from the top for the remainder of the round landing vicious elbows and punches.

Ryan Bader picks up a unanimous decision win.

Mauricio Rua vs. James Te Huna

Round 1 Rua opens with heavy punch combinations and leg kicks, he stuffs a takedown attempt by Te Huna keeping the fight standing.

Rua lands a short left hook on the rushing Te Huna knocking him unconscious instantly just over a minute into the fight.

Mauricio Rua wins by KO.

Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva

Round 1 tentative striking by both men at the start of the round. Neither landing clean strikes.

Mark Hunt presses forward with punches causing Silva to cover up.

An exchange leads to Silva dropping Hunt but Hunt is able to get back up to his feet quickly.

Feeling out process continues from both men. Hunt lands a good leg kick and Silva a nice punch kick combo but nothing else significantly lands.

Silva gets a clinch but Hunt reverses it putting Silva against the cage. The clinch separates with neither fighter doing much from it. Round ends.

Round 2 Silva opens with good leg and front kicks to hunt, using his reach advantage. Silva rushes Hunt attempting a takedown but it is stuffed by Hunt.

Silva attempts a spinning heel kick but misses; Hunt shows composure and crisp boxing to the head and body.

Right hand by Hunt backs Silva up visibly hurt but Silva is able to recover. Hunt continues to hand heavy leg kicks and good punches in exchanges.

Hunt lands a hard body kick against the stiff Silva. Silva answers with a front kick.

Silva lands a leg kick buckling the knee of Hunt. Hunt limps and switches his stance. He is obviously hurt. Round 2 ends.

Round 3 Hunt catches a kick from Silva early and gets a takedown, after a scramble Silva gets back to his feet but is pushed against the cage by Hunt.

The clinch separates and Silva keeps his distance again with kicks. Hunt attempts a takedown but is stuffed by Silva. Both men clinch against the cage as Silva attempts a trip but is unsuccessful.

The fighters separate and Silva continues his kicking attack, but nothing lands clean.

Hunt lands an uppercut leading to an exchange and Hunt pressing Silva up against the cage. Hunt separates and lands a huge straight dropping Silva. Hunt rains down shots from Silva’s guard until the end of the round.

Round 4 Hunt backs up Silva with punches and grapples him against the cage again. Silva is able to escape landing big punches and a hard leg kick.

Hunt double legs Silva taking him down and ending up in his guard. Silva rolls for an armbar from the bottom but Hunt defends correctly. Hunt continues to land short shots to Silva until Silva bucks his way back to his feet.

Hunt looks tired but continues to land huge punches in exchanges with Silva. Silva fires back with heavy punches and knees rocking Hunt. Hunt lands a huge left hook hurting Silva and attempts a trip. The trip works but Silva lands on top of Hunt.

Silva lands punches from Hunts half guard while Hunt fires back from the bottom. Silva gains mount and continues to land strikes against Hunt, opening Hunt up with an elbow. Hunt keeps Silvas head close to him to control Silva and regains half guard for a short time. Silva gains mount and holds it for the last few seconds of the round.

Round 5 both men come out swinging with Hunt landing the better punches. Hunt stuffs a takedown attempt by Silva and appears to be the fresher fighter in the final round.

Hunt lands 3 left hooks in a row against the hurt Silva and again stuffs a takedown attempt by Silva.

Hunt rocks Silva with a hook and continues with body shots and elbows. The referee breaks up the fight to inspect the cut on Silva’s eye. The fight continues with an exchange with Hunt landing heavy punches and Silva answering with kicks.

Silva opens up on Hunt with Punches but Hunt counters with a huge hook and an elbow. Both men are exhausted and Silva attempts a clinch but hasn’t got the strength to muster anything from it.

The fight ends with Hunt pressing Silva against the cage. An incredible fight and definitely a fight of the year contender.

The fight ends in a majority draw with one judge scoring the fight for Hunt and the other two scoring the fight a draw.

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